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TOWER London Celebrate The Launch of Vans & A Tribe Called Quest Collaboration

On Friday 6th April, the footwear industry saw a huge collaboration hit the stores worldwide. The infamous skate and fashion brand Vans teamed up with 90’s American hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest to create a truly unique collection of inspiring urban style Vans. 


On Friday evening, Indie footwear retailer TOWER London opened their doors for a VIP celebration for the launch of the shoe at their Brick Lane store, which set the night away with a DJ playing classics from the hip-hop group throughout the night. Inspired on ATCQ’s impact on culture, the shoe celebrates style, art, music and authenticity which really shines through with its bright and bold colours.


One great thing about these shoes are that Vans have put a lot of thought into the material used. Materials have been utilised to re-enforce ultimate support and flexibility throughout the shoe with padded collars. So, I can only imagine the comfort levels are going to be 10000%.


Oh, I mustn’t forget, TOWER were also giving away opportunities for guests to win a pair of shoes from the unique collection. Also, providing yummy food and drinks which definitely was a big WIN for everyone (I even went for a second helping -_- ). The night was pure celebrations followed by good music, food, drinks and laughter. Nice one and thanks TOWER!


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