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A 1 Minute Snippet Video From What Went Down At The New Balance 247 Launch

Having been a creative of all aspects within the industry, from designing to photographing and even content creation, I wanted to challenge myself with something new and start videoing and editing. So, what better was to get started from when I was at the New Balance 247 v2 global launch in Liverpool, where I was able to capture a days worth of fun and activities and merge everything into a one minute snippet video. I decided to stick to doing a minute long video purely because this is my first time editing and have no clue how long it will take me (actually took me a total of 5 hours!). Secondly, a one minute video is always good for the gram ;) So here it is.... a lot of improvement to be made but you gotta start from somewhere ey! ENJOY

#newbalanceuk #newbalance #Liverpool

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