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British Airways’ 2018 Destination Hotlist

It’s not every day you come across a cargo container located in the middle of Covent Garden is it? On the 8th and 9th December 2017, I had the pleasure to work with the production team on co-coordinating an experience which surprisingly, you wouldn’t expect to happen on your average shopping trip. British Airways teamed up with Time Out London to give out a variety of prizes ranging from inflatable palm trees to hot destinations such as Barbados, New Orleans, Croatia and even Seychelles! Each destination linked back to British Airways 17 hot list destinations.

As the Production Assistant, I was working inside the container activating and deactivating the lights and sound on demand. Whilst being radioed up to all producers, the duration of the user experience will last approx. 10-15 minutes selective activities happening for the shopper to complete in order to win their prize. Alongside activating lights and sound, I had to prepare all props and prizes which were entered inside a specific hatch on cue, work with the BA Stewards and prompt them on when to congratulate the shopper and undergo event set up and take down.

There were 17 prizes in total to give out over a duration of two days and I can happily say we had lots and lots of happy shoppers (even tears of joy were shed!). Check out the video below to see what happened on the day! I worked alongside an amazing team of talented people and we couldn’t have done the job any better!

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