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Asos x Adicolor Mixing Party

The original Adicolor concept was launched in 1983 which featured the launch of a white trainer which was allowed to be customised by the purchaser. Adidas recently revived the concept and launched a colour popping new Spring/Summer 2018 collection which introduced a variety of vibrant apparel ranging from crew neck jumpers, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts alongside the iconic sneaker silhouette.

For the launch of the Adicolor collection, Adidas curated a series of Asos x Adicolor “Mixing Parties”, one being held on Brick Lane, London on the 18th of January 2017 which I attended. On arrival, I was presented with some free drink tokens which could be used within the pop-up (always a win-win situation with some free bevvies!). Keeping with the “mixing” theme, the drinks engaged some “Heisenberg” magic where creating a smoky effect surprisingly edible, sugary and alcoholic drink. A variety of colourful candy from candyfloss to flying saucers were given out and there was even a “create your own” ice cream stand, DELISH! I mean, this “mixing” party was great for the sugary treats and beverages, however being in some way critical, there was not much attention focused upon the new Adicolor collection (well.. that’s what we were all there for right?). The collection was located towards the back of the pop-up space, whilst being displayed upon their own themed walls. In my opinion, it was a great collection, however I think Adidas could have been slightly more innovative with the collection style. Check out the images below and feel free to share your thoughts!

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